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Essay george herbert mead symbolic interactionism pdf

essay george herbert mead symbolic interactionism pdf

great credit that these premises receive emphasis in his work. Blumers Theorey: Symbolic interaction theory, under the influence of Herbert Blumer, was in large part a critical reaction to macro level types of analysis, particularly as reflected in functional theory, and the strong emphasis on the notion that peoples behavior is largely determined by social. For Blumer, all social life is actively constructed by participants in the very process of interaction itself because this micro-constructivist process is taken to be descriptive of social life in general, it is also taken to be descriptive of the meanings and the interpretations applying. This emphasis on the need for people to improvise their responses to their environment and to one another seems to downplay the habits and memories that individuals bring to situations that they encounter over and over. Apparently, in his own mind only participatory observation meets his strictures but even that method would not survive a thorough logical analysis of its fit to Blumers methodological arguments. It also seems to push the cultural and institutional framework that might influence their interpretations into the background.

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Regardless of these variations, patterns of social organization, including written rules and established authority or power structures, are never automatically self-enforcing. These structural influences do not determine behavior from the outside, as external or objective forces, however; instead, they are encoded in individuals subjective consciousness and shared memories and expectations. Blumer coined the term symbolic interaction and promoted Meads strong emphasis on the interrelated processes of mutual role-taking, interaction, and subjective interpretation that occur as people adjust their actions to one another in dealing with the particular situations they face. Blumers image of the fluid and negotiated character of the social world implies that identities and social roles are not fixed but instead are largely improvised in each encounter as individuals seek to align their own self-concepts and intentions with the expectations of others. The divisions between micro, meso, and macro levels of analysis are not rigid distinctions.

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essay george herbert mead symbolic interactionism pdf