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Optimal placement of distributed generation thesis

optimal placement of distributed generation thesis

carried out on a 33 bus Distribution System for different load models. Ieee Transactions on Power Delivery 4(2) (April 1989) Google Scholar. Electrical Power Systems Research, 119128 (2004). Ackermann,.A., Sooder,.S.: Distributed generation: A generation Electrical power systems research 57 (2001). Keane,., OMalley,.: Optimal Allocation of Embedded Generation on Distribution Networks. In: ieee Conference (2009) Google Scholar. Moreover in such case only one compromised solution satisfying both objectives is obtained according to the choice of the decision maker.

Ghosh,.: Optimal sizing and placement of distributed generation in a network system. Gozel,., Hocaoglu,.H.: An analytical method for the sizing and siting of distributed generators in radial systems. Arya,.D., Koshti,., Choube,.C.: Distributed generation planning using differential evolution accounting voltage stability consideration. Electrical Power and Energy Systems, 849856 (2010). Wang,., Hashem Nehrir,.: Analytical Approches for Optimal Placement of Distributed generation Sources in Power Systems. Electrical Power and Energy Systems, 196207 (2012). Vinothkumar,., Selvan,.P.: Impact of DG Model and Load Model on Placement of Multiple DGs in Distribution System.

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Arpn Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 5(4 3237 (2010). Ochoa,.F., Padilha,.A., Harrison,.P.: Evaluating distributed time-varying generation through a multi objective index. Celli,., Ghiani,., Mocci,., Pilo,.: A multiobjective evolutionary algorithm for the sizing and sitting of distributed generation. Ieee Transactions on Power Systems 20(3 (2005) CrossRef Google Scholar. The Multi objective optimization algorithm (nsga-II) is used to solve these two objectives to get a set of pareto optimal solutions. International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools 11(4 531552 (2002) CrossRef Google Scholar. Power Delivery 23(2 (2008). 508513 (2010) Google Scholar. Conference paper, part of the, lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (lncs, volume 8298 abstract. Jaswanti, Thakur,.: Minimum Loss Configuration of Power Distribution System.