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Essay on nuclear power for clean energy

essay on nuclear power for clean energy

from banana than a person living in 50 miles of nuclear plant. Uranium is a form of energy that is highly dense than any other fuel. Nuclear technology is confined only to few developed countries. Though installation cost is very high, operative cost and per unit energy production cost and other recurring expenses are very low in nuclear power. Although at the time there wasn't much use for the neutron due to lack of free neutrons the discovery helped support the existence of protons in 1919. Even the food we eat is radioactive because most of our foods contain carbon-14, a radioactive isotope of carbon, and we shouldnt live in fear because we live in a radioactive world. These stations also generate wastes that are very dangerous and radioactive for a hundreds of years. Uncontrolled chain reactions produce atomic bombs first produced.S.A. This thing still does not really tell about the real importance of the nuclear energy as the renewable energy in the conventional sense of requirement. It kills and sickens miners and people unlucky enough to live anywhere near the mining operations. Arguably the decrement in the proportion of nuclear energy in power production is having a risk that it can be abridged or not through the new technology.

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Nuclear energy can be good. Nuclear power generation and its waste disposal is considered to be one of the greatest threat to the environment. What is Nuclear Power? We are surrounded by radiation every day and nuclear energy poses less of a threat than natural radiation if precautions are taken. However the geothermal power is using the hot rocks of the earth directly to boil the water. It emits no harmful gasses. They have objections for wind power, solar power etc, they are all complementary forms of energy.

Energy from fission has provided the primal technique of generating a clean form of energy from very little source but it should be implemented in a healthy and secured way for the people and environment.
Nuclear power provides cheap and clean energy.
The opponents of nuclear power generally base their arguments on the danger it represents to the world.