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Earlier there were many cultures which decided the day of the New Year by considering the Moon and the Sun cycle. Marking the beginning of Lent, Carnival is celebrated 46..
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authorships research papers

contributors is to establish accountability for the reported work. Co-authors should review and approve the manuscript, at least as it pertains to their roles in the project. 17.2.3 Acknowledgments In an Acknowledgments section, authors may wish to include the names and contributions of those whose involvement in a study did not qualify them for authorship or, because of journal policy on the number of authors in the author byline, cannot. Sample correspondence related to this topic is available on the CSE website. 32 The icmje does not consider results posted in a trials registry as previous publication if they are presented only as a brief (less than 500 words) structured abstract or table. Herbert Waite, head of a lab in the Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology at the University of California, Santa Barbara, listed fourth. Originality is crucial, because many journals have limited space and editors may give a low priority to studies that, regardless of scientific accuracy and validity, do not advance the scientific enterprise.

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The lead author is ultimately responsible for ensuring that all other authors meet the requirements for authorship as well as ensuring the integrity of the work itself. The new author list should be stated directly along with a justification for the change Sample correspondence related to this topic is available on the CSE website. 10 11, under this model, authors are also expected to designate their functional role within the group (e.g., principal investigator, coinvestigator, statistician, contributing author). With credit comes responsibility: Who is to blame if something's wrong? Disclosure of Financial Interests and External Activities. Top medical journals such as jama, The Lancet, British Medical Journal, and Radiology adopted Rennie's proposal. Researchers should determine which individuals have contributed sufficiently to the work to warrant identification as an author. Epub essay on word and fluency 2011 Sep. The editor may request a copy of this notification as well.

If agreement cannot be reached about who qualifies for authorship, the institution(s) where the work was performed, not the journal editor, should be asked to investigate. Alternatively, some journals may use a licensing agreement. BMJ PMC free article PubMed. Non-Author Contributors, contributors who meet fewer than all 4 of the above criteria for authorship should not be listed as authors, but they should be acknowledged.