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Essay on black money in kannada

essay on black money in kannada

taxes, is called black money. Really, it doesnt matter what opportunities it bring, as the main reason we so desperately are trying to earn it is that it grants us freedom. Black money not only created ways to misallocate the available resources, it has not only gallops hook for value essay the inflation but also shifts them from investment to consumption. Such black money is either deposited in swiss banks or invested in Real Estate in other countries like Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong etc. Now a days, even the commercial classes is also generating Black money through.

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If anyone wants to meet Nirmal baba personally then he shall have to pay a heavy amount which a normal man cannot afford, I can say that which is out of ones pocket. There are a few kinds of it that we can have, having enough money in our possession. Essay about punishment, punishment It is difficult to imagine our cruel and merciless world without systems that help to differentiate the gravity of a crime and. In India, the main source, which is used by the ministers in elections to promote their own interests. If taxes are evaded on the earned income, then that income turned to be black. They may also divert resources from production to speculation.

Bribe to be paid. That is the main reason for the absence of co-ordination and co-operation between them. Cash income from profession- if one can show that the income of his profession is paid by cash medium then the person doesnt need to pay any service tax and can therefore convert the money. Black money has created a massive market in economy, which is the main reason of the corruption. How To Control Black Money, there are three major measures for controlling black money. Public who earns income through legal activities, are also equally involved in the crime of black money generation, as they are hiding their income from the public authorities or we can say from govt. What we see with time? And as per the reports, it is also found that many times his bank account is credited by the unknown donors with a huge amount. It leads decrease in the work efficiency of people as they get used to earn Black money.

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