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Bishop of Lucent, has been selected for the graduate school award for distinguished accomplishment by an alumnus early in his career, for his contributions to telecommunications technology. Weida Wu, Rutgers..
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Elements argumentative essay ppt

elements argumentative essay ppt

that you have a valid point. For instance, the non-claim statement that driving intoxicated is dangerous to other drivers is a warrant. He was a philosopher and rhetorical theorist. Wrong You might think that eating well is enough, but I think that you have to exercise. 5, claim, data, warrant (CDW) is a formal and logical writing style.

What is a claim? For instance, someone might claim that five years is too harsh. The Warrant connects the Evidence/Data to the Claim.

An interesting question A" A shocking statistic Push-ups, jumping jacks, and joggingoh my! My mom hates Facebook because I am on it all the time. Evidence (supports the above warrant). 29 Since it is raining today, Jane should take her umbrella.

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Explains the significance of the evidence. 8, structure of Argumentative Essay, introduction Lead-in/Hook Background Information Thesis Statement Body Paragraphs 1st Reason supporting claim 2nd Reason supporting claim 3rd Reason supporting claim*optional/need for Exemplary Counterargument*brief paragraph Conclusion Restate thesis in different terms Call to action/closing insight 9, thesis Statement The purpose. 11, sometimes it helps to create a diagram of the claim, data, and warrant that looks like the example below. Most of the time, when students dont study, their grades suffer. According to the 2007 National School Boards Report, teens spend an average of 9 hours per week on social networking sites. 1, writing an Argumentative Essay 2, what is an Argumentative Essay? 27 A claim is made. Data/Evidence: The mushroom is poisonous. Therefore, going back to the drunk driving example, actual statistics as to how many innocent people are killed by first-time drunk drivers would be evidence supporting the warrant and, ultimately, the claim.

Example: Some argue that eating a healthy, balanced diet has a greater impact on health than physical activity. You cannot argue mattes of personal taste.