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Household safety essay

household safety essay

torch to make looking after your baby at night safer. Better yet, trade out window treatments for designs without cords. Secure Bathrooms, secure rugs to avoid slipping and water pooling on slick surfaces. Other home safety tips Here are tips for electrical safety at home: Get a licensed electrician to install safety switches, which cut power off quickly to avoid electrocution. Water safety Water safety depends on 100 supervision whenever your child is around water pools, ponds, dams, rivers, creeks, baths and buckets with water. She reports using an electric blanket in the winter months because her feet are always cold.

Corral Toys, provide an easy space for kids to stow toys and make sure every playdate ends without injury. Educate yourself about choking hazards and take measures to keep your family safe. Solutions like the locking evertop Medicine Cabinet are a convenient way to keep medications handy without making them vulnerable to accidental discovery. She assures the interviewer that an emergency plan is in place in case of a fire. Strangulation and suffocation Many homes have everyday items that could strangle or suffocate a child. Never leave tools lying around and always keep them locked in a shed or garage where kids cant access them. However, a little diligence and the right know-how can decrease the chance of anyone in your family becoming a victim. Ways to minimize risks: Latch the Dishwasher Make sure your dishwasher is securely latched at all times and cant be opened by curious fingers, particularly at the end of a cycle when burns from steam are most likely to occur. She carries her phone with her when she ambulates and keeps it on her table beside her chair when she is setting.