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Cyber Bullying is done by sending messages, pictures, emails, text or any information using electronic devices like computers or cell phones. Is it necessary to give scientists more funding than..
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Depends how serious you're going to get. Is a form of literary criticism which analyzes a writer's biography to show the relationship between the author's life and their works of..
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Animals kept in captivity essay

animals kept in captivity essay

a professional, humane, and healthy manner. Animals should not be kept in captivity for any reason unless they have been harmed and need to Are zoos a good thing? In conclusion, undeniably, various problem related with captivity are spreading their roots but i still believe that with captivated for animals more save than killed by human. Nowadays, human population steady up and increase every time. Should Animals Be Kept In Zoos " Keeping animals in zoos has both advantages and disadvantages Nowodays a lot of animals live in zoos, is it right or wrong to keep them in the zoos, the following essay presents The following essay presents some pros. Some people say that animals in zoos are well looked after and are happy, but wild animals need their freedom, and dont enjoy captivity.

animals kept in captivity essay

Body Danger In recent 50 years, nearly two thirds of the worlds forest has been cut down.
However, the disadvantages of keeping animals in captivity are becoming more and more serious, and more people are beginning to believe that animals should not be held captive.
Animals should not be kept in captivity because of the negative impact it can have on their life.

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Around the world by means of captive propagation, humans have promoted the birth of 135 gorillas, 33 black rhino, and 123 leopards, some of which are restored to their habitual environment. The other problem is that captive endangered animals may fail to practice their genetic traits. Let us write you a custom essay sample on Should Animals be kept in Zoos. Therefore instead of focusing on how to keep animals in captivity, we should try our best to prevent globe warming up and stop poaching with severe punishment, providing a better living condition for those innocent wild animals. Be sure to state a claim and address an Some people think that wild animals should not be kept in zoos ome people think that wild animals should not be kept in zoos. The zoos are very nice but, I think animals should live in zoos without Because animals must Writing a Five Paragraph Essay tesol tasks (For further practice in writing an argumentative essay, there is a very useful exercise Zoos are an unsuitable environment for wild. When trying Which type of animals should never be kept in a zoo? Ielts Writing Task II ielts Academic. Grade 8 writing Oklahoma State Department of Education Write an argument whether any animal should be kept in a controlled environment, such as zoos or nature parks.

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