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Cloning animals research paper

cloning animals research paper

adequate basis of knowledge for reaching nal ethical decisions. He may probably sell the leftover organs to other rich people or just throw them away. Dolly was the only success in 276 tries and Dolly was not exactly identical to her donor mother. T believe that humans should be attempting to manipulate nature in this way.

(Wilmut, 1998) The research that went into the development of Megan and Morageventually led to the birth of the first mammal cloned from anadult. (Wilmut, 1998) The research that went into the development of Megan and Morageventually led to the birth of the first mammal cloned from anadult mammal. Animal cloning for exhibition or research purposes may also lead to suffering for the animals, particularly if the process is applied to pathological studies (Bruce and Bruce 128).

New York: The Lyons Press. Ethical Issues In Animal Cloning, animal cloning raises two sets of ethical concerns (Fiester 2005). The general question of the extent to which human beings are shapers and creators of their personal and collective futures continues to be important and contested. Animal cloning holds great potential not only for treatment of disease and transplantation but also for potentially saving endangered animals and reviving deceased animals. Society in this day and age does not need to use cloning on humans. Core DNA comes from the animal to be cloned and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) from the donor egg cell (Vajta and Gjerris 2006). However, many people would rather that this does not happen because they are probably scared of the consequences that it would bring. The problems with the clones were mainly that their organs had not fully developed or had not developed properly. Many, though not all perspectives on the warning not to play God, have its roots in the Biblical story of creation. Many healthy, apparently normal, clones have been born and have survived to fertile adulthood. The advantage of using cloned animals for drug testing is that being genetically identical, responses to the drugs should be uniform rather than variable as seen in traditional experiments which employ animals with different genetic makeups (Vajta and Gjerris 2006).

Researchers create cloned early-stage embryos to generate new stem cells in the hope of producing tissues or organs. Harvesting the stem cells. Some object to cloning from religious standpoints, considering the practice a form of "playing God." Others note that a great many early animal clones.

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