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Essay importance of english language in pakistan

essay importance of english language in pakistan

travel abroad, cannot possibly do without having a good working knowledge of English. Sipah-i-Sahaba Shalwar Seth Sahib Qaumi Aman Jirga Sasti Roti Ashiana Haj Patwaris Fard Malkiat Sports Section the news frequency dawn frequency Subh-e-Nau 1 In this table, the most frequently used word is ghee and after it tolas is used. It is the language of millions of people around the world. And it is not possible to be equally faithful to both of them. Before 4 million years human beings and chimpanzees had common ancestor. This being so, many consider a good knowledge of English to be vital in this age of globalization. It is the language of the courts also. The data has been collected from the following printed Pakistani English newspaper and magazines:. Poplack and associates (Poplack 1980; and Meechan 1995) are in the opinion that the phenomenon of code-switching and borrowing vary from each other. This type of switching can also take place between the conversations of the speakers (Romaine, 1989; Myer-Scotton, 1993; Hoffman, 1991). Back-formation : to scrute from scrutiny ; blends: telemoot from television and moot 'meeting conversion : to aircraft, to arson, to change sheet ; compounds : to airdash 'depart quickly by air to head-carry." (Raymond Hickey, "South Asian Englishes." Legacies of Colonial English: Studies. The only way to tackle with these various definitions is to know that bilingualism is an individual feature and one can learn more than one language if he is competent enough, he can get the complete mastery of two languages.

One of the major means of creativity in language is bilingualism (Talaat, 2003). There is the difference between the language used in home and the language that is used in other places for various purposes. The borrowed words were isolated from the paper and their frequency of use was also recorded. Perhaps you can speak another language at home but also read English language books.

If anything, it may be an indication of knowing both languages. It is important so that u can have confident in your self an anywhere u go Because English is the key to open the world of success, not only in your country also gives you the chance to be more productive, you'll get a salary. The word "school" is often mispronounced as either "sakool" or "iskool depending on whether your native tongue is Punjabi or Urdu pointed out blogger Riaz Haq. The regional languages are not fully developed. The language is selected according to the rules of society in which he/she is living. It is spoke and wrote in many nations, as the result of British influence in the 19th and 20th centuries. Available from: p?vref1 Accessed Reference Copied to Clipboard. Therefore, English is an important language for business. Urdu is its national language and it is the mother tongue of almost.57 percent people of Pakistan, although it is used at a wide range in the urban areas of Pakistan. English press has a large influence the sub-continent, the reason is that the educated class which is involved in the policy making reads and utilize. This is asides other superficial reasons. Types of Code-switching Code-Switching have been classifying by the scholars in diverse types.

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essay importance of english language in pakistan

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