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The perception of students of the area of health about the environmental problems: a descriptive study. A current analyse reveals that a number of issues interfere in the relationship between hospice workers and environmental problems, whether allied to the contemporary social context, the conceptions of health and environment, such as the specific labor aspects of the hospital sector and health, which interfere with the performing actions so as to are responsible for the environment 2. They demand a lot from us.

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We emphasize that the institution develops a few action in this regard, which became more systematized from the elaboration after that implementation of the Plan for Concrete Waste Management in 2. It is also noteworthy that the process of health care in an emergency building block is marked by dynamism. Therefore, after they spoke about the subject, it became clear that the deponents lacked knowledge on the subject, resulting all the rage a limited approach to this administer. In this sense, reflections that be able to help to build new meanings en route for work in health care, which be converted into relevant, with a view to arouse a greater environmental responsibility. In a hospital context in particular, the affair with this waste is further emphasized since there is consumption of a large amount of products for check-up and hospital use, plus there is a considerable risk of contamination as a result of pathogens.


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