A long time ago you have earned 27, points, you qualify for a Platinum card. You may claim for the rebate all three months, but the claim be obliged to be submitted within 30 days afterwards the three-month cycle.

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How to Earn Points

You may not register or claim designed for the Old Mutual Rewards member aerobics studio rebate benefit if you already allow a discounted or rebated Zone Ability membership rate with another rewards before loyalty programme. You will be compulsory to pay the R once-off commencement fee within days from the appointment of registration. Benefits cannot be old in conjunction with any other Sun International discounts or promotional offers but for otherwise advertised. Should the agreement amid Emerald and its Rewards partner be cancelled for any reason whatsoever, before should the partner's facility or advantage not be available for any aim whatsoever, the Member will be appreciative to redeem their Points in abide by of another facility or service after that the Member will not be entitled to insist to redeem their Points in respect of a particular advantage or facility. If required, an crisis medical team will be sent en route for the scene who will perform complex lifesaving resuscitation and will stabilise the affected person, and if necessary, you will be transported by road before air to the most appropriate after that closest hospital that can effectively administer that particular condition. Your Gold before Diamond cardholder status will be applicable for a year from date of issue. Remember to use your MVG Card when playing slot machines, agenda games, staying in Sun International hotels, or dining at participating Sun Global restaurants and outlets. Not every disco offers comps.

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Additionally, Sun MVG discounts do not affect in conjunction with corporate rates before bookings, or third party agent bookings e. If you have unsubscribed, you can re-subscribe to receive communication as of any casino you choose at their Customer Service Desk. Your Old Common products will always be subject en route for the contractual terms and conditions after that any legislation governing those products. But you want to play and be paid points at a casino other than the one you first got your Rewards card at, you will basic to get a card for all other casino by visiting their Buyer Service Desk. Sun MVG members acknowledge that it is possible for errors or system malfunctions to occur. A few Benefits may be subject to qualifying criteria. The Emerald Rewards cardholder be obliged to be present and produce valid attestation of identification to qualify for a few additional rewards, discounts and benefits concurrent to the Rewards programme. Sun Global reserves the right to, amongst erstwhile rights, amend or withdraw Sun MVG card status, these terms and conditions, Benefits, Points Earning Criteria, Tier Accept criteria, participating entities and third accessory programme partners in its sole acumen and without prior notice or conference with Sun MVG members.

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Your Old Mutual Rewards membership account desire to be active, not closed before suspended. Accrual of Points during betting activities is made by estimations of average bets placed and length of play recorded against gaming systems. Points Earning Criteria may be achieved as a result of Sun MVG members by utilizing their Sun MVG cards or membership at the same time as the case may be during betting activities or by presenting it en route for participating hospitality businesses or third accessory programme partners. Make sure you all the time keep it handy so that you can present it before you alight the bill at the restaurant before bar offering a Rewards discount. Designated drivers are equipped with a cellphone and have access to a GPS.

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